Sean Locke is a family man, a salary man, and he’s handy with a keyboard. He intends to use this site to keep himself accountable for things he wants to accomplish.

Two endeavors he has been chasing lately are writing fiction and exercising his body. Though the former involves sitting on one’s tukhus and typing words and the other requires getting off of same tukhus and moving about, the two activities are not as different as someone might think.

  1. Both efforts are easily quantifiable, if someone wants to be very simplistic: words written and pounds lost.
  2. Neither can ever be considered “finished.” There’s always another book to write, always another hurdle to jump.
  3. Both require daily discipline and mindful action. Both are easy to forsake in favor of cheeseburgers and video games.

Writing things down makes them real, after a fashion. Sean intends to write down his goals, his accomplishments, and his setbacks in a place where he can read and review them at need. If others stumble in and find these notes, then that is okay too.

At present, Sean is working on a steampunk adventure novel he is tentatively calling Manifest Destiny, which has been percolating in the cobwebbed recesses of his brain since 2004 or so. This novel saw its first honest push towards a first draft during Nanowrimo 2009, and work continues as of this writing. As to his physical fitness, Sean is obsessively watching (nearly) every calorie he consumes using a website called Sparkpeople, and drags his sorry carcass to Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do classes thrice weekly at Tran’s Martial Arts and Fitness Center in nearby Lafayette.

Sean also expects to use this About page to speak of himself in the third person, which he likes to do, but usually in the privacy of his basement in Erie, Colorado, and not on the internet.

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